Book Donations

The Library accepts donations of used books, music CDs and DVDs on behalf of the Friends of the Library.  The general guidelines for the donation of used books are as follows:

“The Friends are very appreciative of  donations of recently published books in good condition for sale at our book fairs. The sale of these materials enables the Friends to provide support for the programs and activities of the library.  However, as we are trying to sell them, we ask that no textbooks, encyclopedias, mildewed, moldy, or musty smelling books, or items older than 1995 be donated. Thank you for your understanding.”

Donated materials that meet the guidelines above can be left with staff members at the Circulation Desk of the Library.  Volunteers from the Friends of the Library will then inspect all donated materials to determine how the donation will be processed.

  • If there is an item of popular or  local interest, it will be passed on to the librarians for possible inclusion in the Library’s collection.
  • Donations that are not added to the collection, but that are in salable condition will either be placed on the book sale racks in the lobby or stored by the Friends until their next Book Fair takes place.
  • Items that are not selected by the Friends for sale are screened against the database of a used book dealer. If the dealer accepts the donated item, it will then be sold and the library will receive a commission.
  • Materials that cannot be sold or donated are disposed of by the Friends of the Library.

Proceeds from the sale of donated materials are used by the Friends of the Library to support the library service plan; including the sponsorship of museum passes, poster making supplies, selected programs and activities for the public, and specific items of equipment for the library.