Library Cards

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All West Islip School District residents* are eligible for a Library Card

Two pieces of identification with both a name and a West Islip address should be submitted. Acceptable forms of ID are as follows:

  • Valid NYS Driver’s License
  • Vehicle Registration
  • Vehicle Insurance card
  • Motor Vehicle Identification card
  • Recent utility bills, current cell phone bill, etc.
  • Property tax statement
  • Town of Islip issued Recreation Card and/or Town of Islip issued Senior Citizen Card
  • Check book
  • Student ID Card or school schedule

 *Children from birth through the end of 6th grade will be issued a “Juvenile card” using two forms of their parent’s ID from the list provided above.

Non-Residents/ Property Owners
May receive a Courtesy library card using the above ID requirements plus current title/ tax statement/ lease. They will receive the same services as Homeowners.

West Islip Schools Teachers/Students
Anyone residing outside of West Islip that is teaching or attending a West Islip school, should obtain a library card at their home library; that card may then be used at West Islip Library. Those residing in an area other than Suffolk County, may be issued a “Courtesy” Library card, using the proper ID such as a West Islip Schools payroll stub that shows both their home address and their school ID. A card will be issued with “Local Use Only” privileges and will be valid until the school year ends in June. Local Use Only cards may only be used at the West Islip Public Library.

A “Local Use Only” card (valid for 1 year from date of application),is a Courtesy Card that is issued to all clergy residing in West Islip Churches/Convents. The same identification requirements listed above apply.