Teen Programs

Advance registration is required for teen programs unless otherwise noted.
Registration for most programs will begin on Wednesday, July 5 at 10am at the Reference Desk (except where noted).  Participants must be in grades 7-12 (unless otherwise indicated) to register for the following programs. Programs with a seven-digit code (WIYA XXX) can be registered for online (see below). Please bring a library card when registering for programs in person and let us know in advance if you will need an accommodation that will make this event accessible to you.

Register Online
You can register online for select Teen Programs by clicking on the program name if it is a link. You may also search for programs in the catalog by clicking on the Programs menu of the website and then on Online Registration. You can find the program that you want by searching by its name or its 7-character program code (WIYA XXX). Please Note: You must have a valid library card to register for programs online. The librarians at the Reference Desks will be happy to help you.

Teen Summer Reading
Monday, July 5 – Saturday, August 19
Weekly challenges, weekly prizes! At registration, each teen will receive a folder filled with fun stuff, raffle tickets, and a Reading Activity bookmark chart. For every activity you complete, fill out a raffle ticket for a chance to win cool prizes. When you complete 10 activities, fill it out on the bookmark and turn it in for a prize! Fill out more bookmarks for more prizes.

Donut Shop
Tuesday, July 13        7pm – 8pm
Make glazes, add toppings, and flavorings. We will discuss and hand out recipes on how to make homemade donuts. Everyone will take home donuts to enjoy with family and friends.

Enrichment Program for Teens with Special Needs: Music Therapy
Monday, July 17        4pm – 5pm
Monday, August 14        4pm – 5pm
In this fun ABA-based visual and auditory approach to music, teens will be using music as a way to focus on non-musical goals.

Action Contraption: Rube Goldberg
Wednesday, July 19        4pm – 5pm
Rube Goldberg, a cartoonist, was famous for creating quirky, complicated machines for simple tasks. Imagination and experimentation will come alive as teens build their very own Rube Goldberg contraption to make their own simple tasks very complicated and very wacky.

Stuff a Panini Pizza Sticks
Thursday, July 20        1pm – 2pm
Take freshly baked herb cheese bread and stuff it with your choice of tomato sauce, mozzarella cheese, pepperoni, chicken, and more – then grill it, cut into sticks and dip into marinara dip.

8th Annual Library Lock-In
Friday, July 21        7pm
Tickets will be available July 5th at Adult Reference Desk.
Ever wonder what it would be like to be locked in the library after hours? Join us for the Library Lock-In! Movies, pizza & ice cream, trivia, games, karaoke, ping pong & much more are on the agenda! Bring your friends for an unforgettable night! NOTE: This event is for students entering Grades 6 – 10.  If you are in Grade 7 or up, you must sign up for the Summer Reading Program in order to be able to sign up for the Lock-In.

Getting Ready to Babysit
Monday, July 24        3pm – 6pm
This course is designed to help teens develop the skills necessary for the responsibility of being a sitter – child safety and how to plan activities that are age appropriate. Hands-on activities and course certification are included.

Mini Terrarium
Thursday, July 27        4pm – 5pm
You will love building a mini-terrarium in a glass globe planter, using soil, small stones, and succulent plants. Get on board with this fun and relaxing program!

Enrichment Program for Teens with Special Needs: S’mores Sushi
Monday, July 31        4pm – 5pm
We use rice crispy treats and cover with marshmallow and chocolate syrup and graham cracker crumbs, roll them up served with chop sticks and a side order of chocolate syrup, and take home (if there are any left over!).

Computer Animation
Wednesday, August 2        3:30pm – 5:30pm
Learn how to use your computer to create web-based computer animation. Create and edit animated GIFs, stick figures, and much more!

Build a Candy-Brownie Trifle
Friday, August 4        3pm – 4pm
Building layer by layer with brownies, chocolate pudding, whipped cream, and mini candies. Yum! Finish the day by playing a fun game with Chef Rob!

Threatened Wildlife
Thursday, August 10        4pm-5pm
All over this planet, much of our wildlife is in trouble. Through live animals confiscated by the Department of US Fish and Wildlife, teens will learn about the reasons that cause animals to become threatened or even endangered and some of the things they can do to make a difference.

Bakery Style Snickerdoodle Muffins
Monday, August 14        7pm – 8pm
Join Chef Rob Scott in this delicious program! You’ll love the flavor of these snickerdoodle muffins with chocolate chips and cinnamon crumb topping. Everyone makes 6 large muffins.

Volunteer Opportunity: Thanking Our Veterans
Thursday, August 17        4:30pm – 5:30pm
In this workshop, through a variety of methods, teens will make a one of a kind item to donate as a special thank you to a veteran that has served our country and is struggling.

Patriotic Trifle
Tuesday, August 22        7pm – 8pm
Make a delicious, Americana-themed dessert with Fanny Cakes.

Enrichment Program for Teens with Special Needs: Old Fashioned Ice Cream Sandwiches
Monday, August 28        4pm – 5pm
We’re going to create a yummy sensation right in the library! First, we will make homemade waffles and place ice cream in-between to make this treat. While you are enjoying your ice cream sandwich, we will give a presentation on how to make ice cream.

Volunteer Opportunity: Read to Me Tuesdays
Tuesdays        10:30am – 11:30am
Join us Tuesday mornings for a special program where you read and share stories with younger children. Community Service credit will be given. Registration is in the Children’s room or online using the program code above.


New York State Pre-licensing
Thursday, August 3              4pm – 8:30pm
Register as you enter, before class begins, and pay the $40 course fee at that time – in cash.  You must attend this course in order to be eligible to take the road test. Bring your valid Learner’s Permit and a black pen to class.

Defensive Driving Courses
Saturday, August 5            9:30am – 3:30pm
Pick up applications at the Reference Desk during library hours or download & print an application from our website.  Send your application and your $40 check or money order made out to the auto school at least a week in advance of the course date.