About Us

Library Director: Andrew Hamm

Board of Trustees:
Margaret Bell
Marilyn Gutierrez
Simonne Harkavy
Joan Schumacher
Louise Sokolowski


The West Islip Public Library exists to enhance the quality of life for the citizens of the West Islip Community by connecting them to the materials, services, and facilities that will assist them in obtaining and utilizing information in all its many forms.

To this end the library fulfills a number of roles in the community:

  • Popular Materials Center
  • Pre-school Door-to-Learning
  • Community Activities Center
  • Independent Learning Center
  • Reference Center
  • Community Information Center
  • Educational Support Center

Our library provides a wide variety of high-interest materials for reading, listening and viewing that are available to library patrons such as best sellers and books of current interest, periodicals, audio and video products in popular formats, including CDs, DVDs, and digital downloads. Our library makes a conscious effort to support the cultural and leisure interests of the community.

Our library is a place for the child to visit and for parents and other child care providers to obtain materials for use with children. The library’s role is to foster reading readiness for pre-school children. This service promotes early life-long use of the library. The library contributes to developing a love of reading and listening/viewing skills with extensive programs and activities for children and parents including “Read-aloud” story hours, summer and winter reading clubs, art and craft workshops, parent-caregiver-child workshops and film programs, among others.

Our library is a central focal point for connecting the community through activities, meetings and services. Library-sponsored programs, seminars, workshops, concerts, and activities are planned to support the information, cultural and leisure interests of the community.  The Library provides both meeting room space and equipment for community-sponsored programs and activities. The Library cooperates and coordinates with other community organizations when practical to support community wide objectives.

Our library supports children, young adults and adults learning on their own at all levels, including citizen education, hobbies, cultural interests, job-related development, and self-improvement. Users can pursue self-determined and self-paced study on various subjects. Independent learners can use the resources of the library to “get ahead”, to learn something new, or to adjust to changes in life and work, such as moving to a new community or retirement. The library recognizes the importance of providing the public access to electronic sources and the Internet in pursuit of independent learning.

Our library provides residents with a wealth of information for research, practical living and entertainment through timely, accurate and user-friendly services. The reference collection is continually updated to provide current information on consumer needs, taxes, health, automobile repair, investments, etc. The library subscribes to a variety of investment information services. Information sources are available in a variety of formats including print, non-print, and electronic formats. The library assists persons seeking career and employment information including Civil Service information. The library renders reference assistance in person and via telephone and the Internet.

Our library is a clearinghouse for current information on community organizations, issues and services. Users have a one-stop center for many everyday information needs. Access to this information enables individuals to be self-sufficient, control their lives, and understand community issues. For the community, the library helps link those in need of services and resources with an appropriate provider through information and referral. To this end the library maintains community bulletin boards, literature display areas, and maintains links to community related information on its Internet web site.

Our library supports Literacy Volunteer Programs by providing a meeting place for training and for student and tutor to work together. The library has a collection of materials suitable for high-interest, low-reading-level patrons. The library offers tours for classes and instructs students on using library tools. In cooperation with the local schools, the library will reserve special materials to meet classroom assignment needs. Users find materials to supplement what is available in the school libraries. Our library is an alternate study site when the school libraries are not available. The facility includes quiet space for study, with carrels for individual study, public computers, copying machines, current periodical collection, and access to electronic resources for students to use in completing middle and high school as well as college assignments.

Rev. 05/14/2014